Help Create a Safer, Healthier Future


Dear Beaverton Neighbor,

The Beaverton Climate Challenge is a fun, easy way you can help reach our goal of zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

With your help, we can take action to combat climate change. Let’s all commit to be part of the solution, and make positive, lasting differences for present and future generations.

By making simple fixes in our homes, reducing our consumption of resources, sharing ideas with neighbors, and committing to change we can all do our part. Never before have there been more affordable and accessible solutions available. I encourage you to be creative with the tips and resources shared, include family and friends, and look for more opportunities within our community.

Remember, our impact is greater when we work together. Join the Beaverton Climate Challenge today and help us create a healthier, more sustainable community for many years to come.


Denny Doyle, Mayor